I specialize in assessing ADHD and ADHD-related difficulties, including learning disorders, anxiety, and depression, in children, adolescents, and adults. These challenges are frequently associated with problems with school or job performance and/or socio-emotional functioning, such as:

-Difficulty staying focused, especially on tasks you dislike

-Difficulty finishing long-term projects, even if you started them enthusiastically

-Trouble separating “signal” from “noise” (e.g. difficulty following conversations or lectures)

-Trouble keeping friends, especially for girls

-Easily distracted by your environment (e.g. by background noise)


An assessment can provide insight into which interventions are likely to be helpful for you or your child. I make extensive evidenced-based recommendations that are individually tailored to help you achieve your potential. Diagnosis, where appropriate, provides justification for necessary academic accommodations, such as a one-to-one classroom aide or extended time on tests.